About us

Welcome at Yogawerkstatt

Sascha and Romana Delberg established Yogawerkstatt around the turn of 2007/2008 in order to give a forum to all those who are interested in Yoga but don’t know yet how to get started, as well as to those who are already fond of it and want to practice it together, intensify their practice, and let it “grow”. Few things are more important in Yoga than to practice it seriously and regularly with and in a Sangha, a group of like-minded people. Yogawerkstatt is the right place for that.


We teach mainly Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, but also a number of Hatha and Yin classes. Moreover, we offer pre- and postnatal classes (Om Babies), Zazen and a reading circle (of spiritual literature). Beginners and more advanced Yogis and Yoginis, flexible and stiff people – you are all welcome!

Yogawerkstatt, Yoga workshop. The name is on purpose: Sometimes during the practice we have the feeling to literally forge our body like in a workshop, to shape and sink deeper in it, and to connect with it. This, too, is not by accident, as Yoga might be regarded as the one philosophical system which starts from the body instead of the mind. With the purpose, though, of transforming them both.