Romana Delberg

has taught Yoga since 2005 and founded the Yogawerkstatt in 2007 together with her husband Sascha. Romana teaches Mysore, Ashtanga led classes, Hatha Yoga and Yin/Yoga Nidra.

In the Teacher Training of the Yogawerkstatt, she covers the topics Yoga philosophy, ethics and theory as well as Mantra and techniques plus theory of Asanas. She also leads the Pre-/Postnatal Teacher Training of the Yogawerkstatt together with Tina.

When she is not in the Yogawerkstatt, you’ll probably find her studying the Yogic philosophical literature or walk her dogs Chilli and Pippa.

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Sascha Delberg

Founder of the Yogawerkstatt jointly with Romana, Yoga teacher since 2004. He leads the Mysore and the Ashtanga led classes.

In the Teacher Training, he is responsible for Asanas, adjustment techiques, anatomy, Pranayama, Yoga philosophy, Mantra, and meditation.

Outside of the Yogawerkstatt, you’ll see him behind books about Yoga and anatomy/physiology, or in the kitchen cooking sophisticated things.

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Christa Heitzmann

The former office clerk has completed a Yoga and a Pre-postnatal Yoga Teacher Training and is also a trained Nuad masseuse.

At Yogawerkstatt, she has Ashtanga led as well as Mysore classes, and in the Teacher Training, she teaches Asana and adjustment techniques, didactics, Pranayama, and meditation.

She also gives Nuad massages and takes care of her cats in Vienna and of her family in the Pinzgau province.

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Tina Nirtl

has taught Yoga ever since having completed her Teacher Training with Romana and Sascha. At Yogawerkstatt, she takes care of the pre- and postnatal (Om Babies) classes. Together with Romana, she leads the Pre-/Postnatal Teacher Training of Yogawerkstatt.

She lives together with her husband Danjiel, her children Rhea and Vito and their dog Henry.

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Ute Woltron

Right after having completed the Teacher Training 2013 with Romana and Sascha, Ute began spreading the Yoga gospel in the Ternitz area where she lives. As a graduate of architecture, she designed her own house but she is also a journalist and writer and a keen gardener. She makes and sells marmelades, prints T-shirts, and sells plant seeds.

It’s almost a miracle that she finds enough time to teach a led and a Hatha Yoga class at Yogawerkstatt.

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 Lisi Zoder

has started to teach immediately after having finished her Teacher Training in 2013 and has since then added other similar trainings to her curriculum. As Yogabird, she is busy building her own Yoga and Pilates nest, and from time to time she puts clips of her impressing Yoga practice on the web.

At Yogawerkstatt, Lisi has an Ashtanga Focus and a Hatha Yoga class.

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Shima Marandi

came in contact with Yoga in 2005 and completed even two Teacher Trainings, one in 2011, the other in 2013 at Yogawerkstatt.

Shima is a graduate in Business Administration and supports her parents in their firm. She travels a lot and teaches Yoga in Austria and abroad in German and English. At Yogawerkstatt, she currently has an Ashtanga led class, a Mysore and a Yin class.

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