Prices (from September 3rd, 2017)

(Prices in €)Regular priceReduced priceReduced price
Trial lessons122 visits in 7 days
Mysore month891 month, only Mysore
Single class17151 visit
5 class pass807512 months
10 class pass15014012 months
20 class pass26024012 months
1 week unlimited60557 days
1 month unlimited1081021 month
½ year unlimited*570 at once or 6x 99/mo7 months
1 year unlimited*1025 at once or 12x 89/mo14 months
* In case of cancellation of 1/2 year or 1 year unlimited before expiration date,
the months already used will be
counted as 1 month unlimited.
Banking details:

beneficiary: Yogawerkstatt Delberg OG
Große Mohrengasse 23/2a; 1020 Wien
IBAN: AT653200000010387710
Validity of passes

The 5, 10, and 20 class passes are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. We ask for your understanding that we cannot extend validities beyond that period.

The unlimited passes (week, month, ½ year, year, Mysore month) are valid from the date of purchase for the period of time indicated.

Please note that, in consideration of possible holidays, sick leaves, or unusual circumstances, the ½ year unlimited pass is effectively valid for 7 months, and the 1 year pass for 14 months. Validities cannot be extended beyond these periods.

Reduced prices

Reduced fees for job-seekers, students and single parents.