Beginners courses


New beginners courses start on a regular basis. They give you an introduction into the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. These courses are suitable for complete Yoga beginners but also for “re-entrants“ and for those who come from other Yoga styles. They are suited for all age groups (from teenager on) and all fitness levels.

The beginners courses give you the basics and background of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. You learn the major Asanas (postures) and movement sequences of the First Series as well as specifics of this Yoga style such as the breathing technique (Ujjayi), selected muscle contractions (Bandhas), and concentration points of the gaze (Drishti).

The beginners courses consist of 8 weekly units of 1.5 hours each and are held in the large Yoga room with max. 20 participants. These units are integrated easily into the daily lives of the participants. Usually they will soon notice positive changes in their physical condition and well-being.

We also offer 6-week compact beginners courses which take place in the small Yoga room with max. 10 participants and cover the same programme as the 8-week courses.

New Courses 2019

07.01.-11.02.  6-week compact beginners course
monday 17.30-19.00
register here –> Christa

09.01.-27.02.  8-week beginners course
wednesday 19.40-21.10
register here –> Tina

14.01.-27.02.  6-week compact beginners course
monday 19.15-21.10
register here –> Helen

07.02.-28.03.  8-week beginners course
thursday 18.00-19.30 Uhr
register here –> Sascha

Course prices

8-week beginners course € 135,- / reduced € 125,-*
7-week beginners course € 120,- / reduced € 110,-*
6-week beginners course € 105,- / reduced € 95,-*

6-week compact course € 125,- / reduced € 115,-*
4-week compact course € 90,- / reduced € 80,-*

* Reduced prices for job-seekers, students and single parents.

Those who come to Yogawerkstatt for the first time find Tips & Infos here >

Community Class at Yogawerkstatt

Community Class for beginners. On donation basis.

Friday 17.30-19.00 (reservation needed: SMS to tel. no. 0699 11 60 51 47)