Yoga during pregnancy

…. and with the baby

Prenatal Yoga

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Pregnancy is generally a good time to start with Yoga, the ideal time being from the 13th week on. At this stage the foetus is solidly nested in the uterus, the placenta is fully functioning, and the hormone balance has largely adapted to the new body condition.

Those who want to start earlier, or who had a regular Yoga practice before their pregnancy, may come earlier, and will be given exercices adapted to their stage. In any case, this should be clarified with the teacher or a doctor. In principle expectant mothers can practice Yoga as long as they feel like it, even until the day of giving birth to their child – this is completely individual.

Special Asana sequences from Hatha Yoga help the expectant mother to better cope with the changes in her body. One focus of this class is to gain strength, stability, and endurance, another is to learn to relax.

The Prenatal Yoga class is truly based on mindfully observing and regulating one’s own breath. With the help of selected Pranayama exercices (the Yogic breathing techniques), expectant mothers learn to balance their metabolic functions and to breathe in a contemplative and inward-oriented way. This in turn fosters an intimate contact between the mother and her baby. Pregnancy is a time of inner collection and maturation. The meditative aspects of Yoga make these processes acutely aware. In this class we work on inner trust in, and devotion to ourselves, and this prepares us for the birth of our child in a totally natural way.

By constantly moving the body, Yoga stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic systems and balances the vegetative body functions. The adapted exercices of Prenatal Yoga can prevent or at least alleviate typical deficiencies encountered during pregnancy, such as back or sciatic pain, muscle tensions, vein problems, or edema.

Yoga makes the body more flexible, which during pregnancy makes room for the baby as well as for the organs and the breathing capacity of the mother. This proves helpful during the birth of the child.

The Yoga practice improves the mobility of the pelvis and the spine and strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor, thus preparing the body for the motions during the process of birth.

Postnatal Yoga – Om Babies

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The female body usually needs 6 to 8 weeks to recover from the physical effects of giving birth, a Caesarean section requires even up to 12 weeks.

After that period, there is no physical or anatomical obstacle to start with Yoga again as long as mother and child are well. An earlier start is possible and should be clarified with the teacher.

Babies of all ages are welcome.

After the physical stress of pregnancy and the child’s birth, Yoga helps the mother finding her way back in her own body. The Postnatal Yoga class aims at strengthening the body of the mother and at the same time gives her the opportunity to have a completely relaxed time in the presence of her child.

The special Asanas practiced in this class help the mother’s body to recover after child birth. They include exercices to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. This was a already a major topic in Prenatal Yoga, and becomes increasingly important at the postnatal stage. Those mothers who need them get individual exercices to strengthen their supporting muscles.

The so-called rectus diastasis, the separation of the straight abdominal muscles, is a common phenomenon after the child birth which is thoroughly dealt with in the Postnatal Yoga class. Yoga also helps by stretching those muscle groups which are strained from breastfeeding and carrying the baby. This class mainly aims at strengthening the body’s core and to make the mind more quiet.

The Postnatal Yoga class primarily concentrates on the physical and mental Yoga practice of the mother. But of course the babies with their specific needs have always priority. They make lots of new experiences in the class, they interact with other babies and learn from each other, and they are integrated in the exercices in a playful way.

Besides, this class offers a good opportunity for young mothers to exchange experiences.

Class schedule

Prenatal Yoga

Monday 10.30 – 11.50
Thursday 16.00 – 17.30

Postnatal Yoga – Om Babies

Tuesday 12.15 – 13.45
Thursday 14.00 – 15.30

In summer, there may be changes of schedule or a summer break of these two classes. In that period, please check the schedule on this website if the class actually takes place.

No registration needed

Prenatal and Postnatal are open classes, which means that you don’t have to register – you just come.

The class passes (5, 10, 20 class passes, and month passes) are valid solely for the Prenatal and Postnatal classes and not for other classes of Yogawerkstatt.


The Prenatal and Postnatal classes are led by Tina Nirtl.

Info and requests: or Tel. 0699 1733 7733

In case of absence, Tina is substituted by Emina Damnjanovic und Kathrin Nussbaumer.