Sonic Monday
resonate & harmonize

With Shima Marandi
Monday 24th October 2022

Sonic Mondays is an amazing new concept class of Shima Marandi

On these special dates Shima will teach a Vinyasa Class followed by a Class combining the healing vibration of a Soundbath with very gentle, restorative practices as in Yin and Nidra.

The Classes will be taught in English

You may also register for one slot only, but bear in mind, that the Vinyasa Class in combination with the restorative part will kick you into bliss and  deep healing.

Sonic Mondays will be a periodic offering:

Next Sonic Monday is taking place on October 24th, 2022

18:00-19:15 Vinyasa Yoga

This Vinyasa Yoga class focuses on the inner experience, the sensations and the inner quality of movement. It is designed to help you find freedom of movement, a connection to your breath and intuition.
We will create simple sequences, which will be repeated in your own pace intuitively.
Music will guide you through your movement and postures, the layers of your being will come into resonance and harmony.

19:30-20:30 Resonate & Harmonize

Through an integrative blend of sound, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra and breath work we step into the space of resonance and harmony.
You will dive deep into your inner landscape of consciousness by listening to the soothing sounds from gong, singing bowls, koshis and other instruments.
There will be sessions where we will be also using our voice to free and heal our souls.

Book the classes via our timetable